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Hi Everyone! Sorry, I haven't posted in almost a month. I've been super busy/stressed, but I least I have kept up with reading and commenting on everyone's entries. So fret not, I am still alive.

I recently had a phone interview with this non-profit company down the street from my current job. They're looking for a Junior Systems Administrator to join their team. It was hard to gauge whether or not they were impressed with me. The team lead and I seemed to click really well on the phone, but I'm not too sure about the director of the department. She explained that she had a lot going on Friday, so I'm sure that was the reason I didn't feel the connection. Please keep your fingers crossed that I move on to the next interview process. They're looking for this person to start mid-December/early January. It would be nice to have something lined up for the new year because I'm seriously getting close to quitting my current job.

So, management keeps changing the support process. I'm not sure if I mentioned on here, but I'm the only customer support agent at my company. This means that I support about 300+ customers by myself. My boss is really greedy for money and he introduced this new on-boarding assistance package, which involves me getting on the phone about 15-30 times totaling around 45-65 hours per customer until they are really to start using the software. 15-30 times does not seem like a lot of work, but I'm currently doing this for about 15 customers and it's really time consuming to the point that it's getting really frustrating. Not to mention, the customers are rude as shit. I've been cussed out by our customers so many times in the past couple of weeks that I've been going home crying most nights. I talked to my boss about my workload and the customers disrespectful behavior, nothing has been done about the situation except that he gives me more work and says to suck it up and get over myself. I started taking matters in my own hands and getting rude back to the customers(I don't cuss at them like they cuss at me) and giving my boss and everyone around me the cold shoulder. I despise my boss and his wife because his wife doesn't do shit all day and always asks me to do her work for her. I wanted to quit so bad last Thursday when a customer lied on me and said that I wouldn't do something for her. I never said I wouldn't do it, she sent me something in the incorrect format and I told that she needed to fix the formatting before I uploaded for her. Of course my boss took her side and treated me like the worst employee of the year. On top of onboarding, I have to any services requests that our customers sends in which is about 5 hours worth of work and answer any support cases that comes in which averages about 35-60 cases a week. Last week it was so bad that I let those cases sat for about 72 hours before responding and I just didn't care. My workload is now about 16 hours worth of work a days. I stop working after 8 hours these because I just can't stand to be at that job. The only reason I haven't quit yet is because of my bills because trust and believe, I would've quit last March if that weren't the case.

Oh and what really broke the camel's back was that they made the 11 a.m.-7 p.m. shift permanent for me on Monday's. So basically I'm at the office alone from 5 until 7 p.m. and I have to walk all alone in the dark to my car, which sucks big time.

So until I find new job, it's probably going to be difficult to post on a daily basis. I'm so tried when I get home most nights that I only have energy Friday-Sunday because I don't have to be that awful job. I will still be reading and commenting though and post when I have the energy to post. I'll try to post a fandom entry later this week because god knows I'm overdue for one.

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